We are endeavoring to shift the food system to a consumer centric one.

Food Related Government Agencies

FoodTruths is here to help guide and advise consumers. Contact us if you are unsure where to go for help.

Best Before vs Use By

Seeing a Best Before or Use By Date on a product is a way for consumers to know if a product is safe to eat or if the quality of the product has been compromised.

Bugs in Food

It’s definitely not pleasant to find a bug squirming around in your food! Whether it is a caterpillar in your salad or weevils in your flour - it’s not ideal!

Consumer Rights

As a consumer in New Zealand you have a variety of rights you are entitled to enforce regarding the food you purchase and consume

Foodborne Illness

When you consume food that is carrying harmful bacteria or viruses and you become unwell you may be suffering from a foodborne illness or you may say you have ‘food poisoning’.

Fresh Produce Storage Tips

Here are some food storage tips we at FoodTruths use to help ensure our food remains fresh. Well stored food means less wastage and more tasty meals to enjoy!

Pantry Moths

These annoying insects and their larvae are actually pretty common especially during the warmer months and can be found in dry goods such as flour, pasta, nuts, spices, dried fruits, cereals and rice.


The price we as consumers end up paying for our food is determined by a multitude of factors. FoodTruths has had a look at what some of these determining factors are to help you understand why your food costs what it does.


It’s time to have an ugly conversation

"There isn't any waste in nature", how we think about food loss and waste shapes how we fix the issue.

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Real Bread Week

Welcome to real bread week, a week that globally celebrates the best and most authentic types of bread available. A week that helps bring awareness to the natural ingredients of bread, read on to find out more.

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Valentine's Day - Diamonds or bust

With Valentine's day fast approaching are you aware of the origins of this annual celebration that has been passed through the centuries. Read on for some Valentine's insights and ideas.

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