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Who is FoodTruths?

The food system needs us.

We are endeavoring to shift the food system to a consumer centric one. A food system where consumers feedback can be easily verified, collated and their issues resolved. While food incidents will continue to occur; a quicker response results in less food based illness, better food security, more efficient recalls and a more robust food system.

A single consumer’s voice can do very little, but collect up those individual experiences and knowledge, verify them with other sources and then present them to the relevant person in the food supply chain and change can happen...

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Election 2020: Part 4: Waste of Thyme

16th Oct, 2020

FoodTruths followed up our prospective politicians by asking what they will do about food waste.

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Election 2020: Part 3: Politics, Policies and Healthy Eating

8th Oct, 2020

Compared to previous elections, this time around there has been very little rhetoric around encouraging healthy eating and improving the long-term health outcomes of New Zealanders. FoodTruths wanted to find out what policies, if any, are aimed at encouraging healthy eating and improving the quality of food consumed by New Zealanders.

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