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Yes, if you submit a report and provide your contact details we can assist you with seeking a refund. Note that refunds / replacement are determined by the producing company policies, in conjunction with consumer law, filing a report with FoodTruths doesn’t guarantee a refund.

FoodTruths is an independent social enterprise; a subsidiary of Sumfood Limited. We are 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Despite our independence, we have close relationships with regulatory officials (such as MPI, City Councils and Public Health Units), reports which are related to these public authorities are passed on expediently so they can carry out their role in food safety.

No. We may get in touch to notify you of changes to one of your reports, or if we require further information. We may also be in touch to help you gain a refund for your food issue. However we do not send annoying periodical emails.

FoodTruths assess all reports, even if you submit an anonymous report. With an anonymous report however we won’t be able to get in touch with you. It is also harder for our responders to verify your report and find a resolution to these issues. Nevertheless we will endeavour to do so.

Once you submit your report, a FoodTruths team member will be notified and they will carry out an assessment. If you have clicked ‘submit my report’ an incident manager will then get in touch with you to provide advice and ask for additional information as required. We keep in touch with you to provide any information you might need.

We handle all issues - no issue is too small! You can report food waste, excess plastic packaging, food related illness, undeclared allergens, unreasonable pricing, foreign objects in foods or anything else.

FoodTruths’ sustains itself by running our big data algorithms which analyse public data and compare that to verified food issue reports. This effectively means, we are in the business of predicting food-illness outbreaks and other food issues, we can then resolve them before people get sick or suffer from it.

NO. Filing a report, resolving your food issue and helping you receive a refund is absolutely free.

It is really useful for us to know where and when the incident occurred and any action that you have taken. We also like to see the receipt, and know the batch number and / or expiry date. It isn’t always possible to have that information but the more we know the easier it is to get a resolution for you. Please still make a report even if you don’t have the complete information.

If you are currently feeling unwell and are concerned that a food has made you sick, please seek medical advice right away.

Your doctor can prescribe a test to assess if you have a type of foodborne illness.

Otherwise, please make a report here

Report a Food Issue

From miss-labeled packaging, illness or unreasonable pricing, no food issue is too small.

Report Food Issue

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