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Food safety during the holiday season

The Christmas season is well and truly underway in New Zealand. It is a busy time of year filled with barbecues and holiday feasts with friends and family. But while you are enjoying your ham, pavlova and summer salads, it’s important to think about food safety during the holiday season. Here are some useful tips to remember to avoid getting sick these holidays.

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Is food too cheap? What makes up the price of your fruit and vegetables

Warnings of an acute shortage of workers to harvest food crops in New Zealand are growing. But the problem – and potential solution are more complex than they may seem, and give rise to the question: ‘Is food too cheap?”

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Food Safety Tips for Food Deliveries

Meal kit delivery services and online supermarket shopping have become the norm for many households in New Zealand. Here are some useful points to consider when ordering home-delivered food and meal kits.

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Election 2020: Part 4: Waste of Thyme

FoodTruths followed up our prospective politicians by asking what they will do about food waste.

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Election 2020: Part 3: Politics, Policies and Healthy Eating

Compared to previous elections, this time around there has been very little rhetoric around encouraging healthy eating and improving the long-term health outcomes of New Zealanders. FoodTruths wanted to find out what policies, if any, are aimed at encouraging healthy eating and improving the quality of food consumed by New Zealanders.

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Election 2020 Part 2: COVID19 didn't change anything

Covid-19 resulted in the first time that many New Zealanders saw empty supermarket shelves. That was alarming for many, and made us ask the question: “when push comes to shove, will there be enough food to go around?”

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Election 2020 Part 1: Politicians are Predictable

Food is hardly a sexy election topic. The Minister of Food Safety is not a glamorous portfolio. Yet food production, consumption and education directly affects our future and health statistics, so FoodTruths is taking a deeper look.

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10 Fascinating Food Facts

Have you ever wondered why we were told that eating carrots will help us to see in the dark or why red M&Ms disappeared for 10 years? Read our latest blog to find the answer to these questions and more interesting food facts.

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Holes Found in Baby Food Pouches

When I first heard that mice caused the damage to the baby food pouches, my first thought was how could this happen, and should we be concerned about other food products stored at distribution centres and in our supermarkets?

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