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Kiwis' Most Wanted Foods - In a Growing Population

What's in your supermarket trolley? We might have the answer for that ...

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The Power of Chocolate - 7 interesting facts

July 7th is International Chocolate Day, so we are giving you 7 interesting facts you might want to know.

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Guilt-free treats

Treats free of guilt – usually, a topic for Instagram influencers and new diet fads but rarely does it actually refer to something we should feel guilty about.

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Life in Plastic, is it so Fantastic?

The latest buzzword in food is here, and it’s a topic that is likely to be as biodegradable as the (almost) eternally existing product it describes. Microplastics. While the news that we are living in an age dominated by plastic production is probably not surprising, what might be is that we’re also eating, inhaling and drinking tiny pieces of the synthetic material on a daily basis.

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Milk vs "Milk"

As people all over the world eagerly lick ice-creams, blend smoothies and enjoy the froth of a cappuccino, they may be doing so completely oblivious to a certain issue regarding their favourite ‘milky’ beverage; what actually is milk and can we refer to plant-based “milks” as milk?

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How to Get Rid of Pesky Pantry Moths

Do you have a problem with pantry moths? If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of opening a bag of flour and seeing maggot-looking bugs squirming around, you will likely know what pantry moths are. In our recent blog post we give you some tips to help you get rid of these pesky insects.

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Raw milk - what you need to know...

In our most recent blog, FoodTruths cover what you need to know about raw cow's milk. Foodborne illness outbreaks have been linked to raw milk so what are the reasons for choosing raw milk, is it safe and what can you do to reduce your risk of getting sick?

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What's In Your (Cow's) Milk?

We know that cow’s milk comes from a cow (that part is obvious) - but do you know the processes involved in getting that milk to the supermarket chiller? What does homogenised and permeate-free mean? We answer some of these questions and more.

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Listen to me – a desperate plea from food producers

The need to build and strengthen the NZ economy focuses our attention on the role of the primary sector and the country’s supreme ability to produce stuff to export/sell. However, it would seem that our line of attack to win the hearts and minds of international consumers rests on our ability “to tell our story”.

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