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Producer Stories 3: Turk’s Poultry

This week I sat down with Ron, from Turk’s Poultry, based in Horowhenua. They, among many other producers, were a lifeline to New Zealand during the recent lockdown. The added difficulties of mitigating the spread of COVID-19 required more staff, complicated logistics pushing production to the 24 hour a day mark.

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Producer Stories 2: The Baked Dane.

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa, who began The Baked Dane (an artisan Danish-styled bakery in Levin). From its humble beginnings of her staff canteen, to now, a nationally loved supplier of fresh bread and baked goods, The Baked Dane has taken flight.

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Food Incident Reporting App: FIRA

FIRA is our web-based service designed so that the consumers (i.e. every single person in the world) can communicate effectively with the food chain. You send reports to us about any bad experiences you have had with food, and we get that information to the right people.

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Town and Country

As an event that is both annual and local, the Agricultural and Pastoral (A&P) Shows have provided a foundation to town and country relationships for over 175 years. In 2020 many of us expected to visit a showground and mingle among tractors and farming folk; however, sadly a number of these events have now been cancelled.

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Using gastronomy to improve or degrade diplomatic relations isn't novel, but it is certainly powerful. From Brexit to the Iraq war gastronomy has long been manipulated to suit diplomatic agendas.

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4 Podcasts to Get You Through Lockdown

Extra time on your hands? Want to learn about food and its origins? Or are you battling with a lack of ingredients? Make the most of this time with these podcasts, you certainly won’t regret it.

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Food, supply chains and the effects of coronavirus.

The current grip of the Covid-19 coronavirus on the world reinforces many things – one of the most significant is our reliance on other nations for trade and, specifically, the reliance on transportation systems to move manufactured goods, food and ingredients around the globe.

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Comfort Food

2020 has bought us uncontrollable wildfires in Australia, a global pandemic, near World War 3 and we are only just reaching the end of the first quarter. It is understandable to be feeling low, to be reaching for some comfort food. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the bag of chips, chocolate or whatever your flavour.

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Time to Embrace the Alternative Protein Debate

Rural News recently published one of Dr Helen Darling's think pieces regarding the alternate-protein discourse. Have a read.

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